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A Rock-and-Roll Fest With Us At Cameron Sundown

A time-based 12-hour trail running event following a looping format in one of the coldest places in Malaysia. Join us at Cameron Sundown and get ready to rock and roll in a running fest with unlimited food supplies, and supportive crowd. Run with your friends, solo, as many loops as you can, or even just one; no time cap per loop, only overall cut-off time - truly an experience born out of the love for trail running.

Bring friends and your trail spirit to rock and roll at this time-based trail event. Run as many loops as your heart desires (or even just one loop) and we bring unlimited food and drinks supply to you. Each loop completed marks your progress in the event - stress-free and purely trail fun to celebrate all the trail-running lovers out there. No distance categories, only time and loops completed.

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