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Supporting communities and people

Every event hosted by Team BOLT is also a chance for us to give back. We believe in contributing to the communities we engage directly through our Corporate Social Responsibility programmes - from sourcing event needs locally, creating new economic opportunities with the locals, and utilising their expertise in various parts of the events.


Contact us for more information if you would like to contribute to our CSR causes.

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Our events are always poised to raise the profile of the location.

Understanding this, each event planned went through a rigid evaluation process by our team to ensure we achieve this goal. Raising the profile of each event’s location led to an economic, social, and community-bonding boost. Activities planned for individual events are always tied back to the main goal of giving back to the community through boosting the local economic profile, workforce skills development, providing more business expansion opportunities, and uplifting the communities around the event’s location.

We have trained and raised a solid group of CSR volunteers through a rigorous vetting process to ensure community-bonding activities are fostered appropriately as these locations are often tied to an existing cultural economy ecosystem. Our aim is to always bring them beneficial exposure and protect their land and rights simultaneously, aligned with the 2021 report published by the Faculty of Hotel & Management, UITM.

Our mission has always been true to support the running community by providing the best for all aspects of an event making sure participants enjoy their experiences, but also feel appreciative of their direct/ indirect contributions towards the community that supports the event.

Volunteering Programme

Our events wouldn’t be successful if it was not for the help and assistance from the volunteers every year - they are the backbone that carries our CSR programmes from start to completion. This is why Team BOLT believes in selecting the best for each event that we organised. Each volunteer helps us in contributing to the event’s success. Interested to volunteer for BOLT events? Leave us your contact details below and our team would reach out to you.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

* We wish to inform that due to compliance and regulations, certain volunteering programmes are subject to tedious and rigid vetting process

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