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A) About Registrations

1. What happens to all CULTRA2020 registrations? (**updated)

i. All registrations will be refunded. Details as below:

100km = 45% 60km = 40%

30km = 35%

15km = 30%

ii. In addition to the mentioned above, you will be given priority registration period for the next CULTRA edition (before registration opens to general public). All returning runners will be given registration discount of 30% for 100km, 60km & 30km, and 20% discount for 15km participants. (according to current registration fee) iii. For those who are unable to participate in the next CULTRA edition, when the registration opens, you can opt to return your slot to the Organiser and convert the 30% / 20% discount to cash refund (based on 2020 registration fee). This cash refund will be additional to the refund listed in (i) above.

e.g: 100km refunded and wish to register for the next CULTRA edition will receive:

i. 45% refund in 2020 ii. Event tee + finisher tee + medal (CULTRA2020) iii. Priority registration during next CULTRA edition iv. 30% registration discount for the next CULTRA edition 100km refunded and not able to register for the next CULTRA edition:

i. 45% refund in 2020 ii. Event tee + finisher tee + medal (CULTRA2020) iii. Return the next CULTRA edition slot to the Organiser iv. The registration discount for the next CULTRA edition of 30% will be converted to cash refund and bankin directly to you. [You may refer to #B1 for further update]

2. When can I get the refund?

Refund will be processed by batches, starting on 8th May 2020. The process will be done on weekly basis. Please allow 21 days for the refund to be reflected into your account.

3. How do I get the refund?

You need to update the required details (e.g: postage address & banking details) in this link (click here) in order to trigger the refund process. It is mandatory for ALL participants to update their details as per instructed before the refund/postage to be taken place.

*If you are using debit/credit card, you do not need to update your bank details.

4. Can I upgrade or downgrade my CULTRA2020 returning slot for 2021? Yes. There are 2x ways to do it. Either you exchange it with another returning CULTRA2020 slot OR request to the Organiser for an upgrade/downgrade (subject to availability and approval). T&C applies. *More details will be published at a later stage.

5. What happen to my confirmed slot that I won by contest?

It will be carried forward to CULTRA2021. You will be given a new code next year to register again. *More details will be published at a later stage.

6. What happens to previous champions (CULTRA2019) slots?

It will be deferred to CULTRA2021.

7. Is the priority registration period for returning runner's slot transferable to another runner?

No. It is only available exclusively to CULTRA2020 participants. New runners will need to go through the normal registration process.

8. What if I'm a returning runner and I missed the priority registration period?

You will lose your priority registration benefit and will need to go through the balloting/normal online registration process.

9. How many slots are available for CULTRA2021 ballots and normal online registration?

After we have processed the returning runners registration during the priority period, the remaining slots available will be offered to others.

10. When can I register for CULTRA2021?

We will announce the registration on our social media platforms once we've gotten all the required approval.


B) About Entitlements

1. Since I'm not getting a full refund, what happens to my entitlements? (**updated)

All runners will be getting their Event Tee, Finisher Tee (for 60km & 100km) & Medal. All items will be posted and cost of postage will be under the Organiser.

2. When can I get the entitlements?

We are estimating by end of July. It all depends on the progress of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

3. How do I update my postage address and bank details (not as per registered)?

Please update via this link (click here), This is compulsory, failing to do so, your items will not be posted.

4. What happen if my postal address and bank details was not updated?

We will not proceed with the refund process and postage of entitlements till it's updated.

5. Can I change the size of my Tee?

No. Because we have ordered as per listed during the registration.


C) About Logistics

1. I've made bookings with the official hotel. What happen to my bookings?

Century Pines Resort has allowed having all bookings to be deferred to a later date. Do contact them directly for arrangements.


Cameron Highlands Resort encourages guests to defer their bookings to a later date. Kindly contact them directly for arrangements. Contact: +60 3 2783 1000 or email

2. I didn't book my accommodation with the official hotel. Can the organiser assist me on this?

We are not responsible for any bookings on accommodation. However we are taking the initiative to assist you on this by drafting an Official Event Cancellation Statement for you to download and share it with your hotel. We hope it will help you to get a refund. You may download the Statement by clicking here.

3. I've booked my flight, can the organiser assist me on this?

We are not responsible for any flight bookings. However as per mentioned above, you may download our Official Event Cancellation Statement (click here to download) and use it to assist your communication with your airlines.

CULTRA has gathered information regarding flight cancellation for 2 airlines; AirAsia and Malaysia Airline System (MAS). Their policy as below:

AirAsia COVID-19 Policy


Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) COVID-19 Policy (


D) About Event

1. Why cancelling the event now, not earlier?

Every event faces different commitments and guidelines. CULTRA was sold out immediately after the registration opens in January. We are well aware that the hotels and homestay at Cameron Highlands were sold out as soon as we concluded our registrations. We have also engaged our commitments to our sponsors and vendors early. Therefore our team monitored the situation closely together with the instructions from the authorities before making any decisions. We have to consider what is the best interest for our runner’s safety, local Cameron Highlands businesses, sponsors and other related parties. After much deliberation, our team decided to cancel the event since the COVID-19 virus progress seems uncertain. We do not want to jeopardise our runners/crew health and be responsible for a new virus cluster. Safety has and will always be CULTRA’s top priority.

2. Why not postpone the event to later part of this year?

CULTRA sold out the registrations with participants from 30+ countries. Each country is facing the pandemic in a different way. We need to consider the impact internationally for our international runners to rearrange their plans with so much uncertainty.

Weather wise, July is the driest month at Cameron Highlands. End of year is the season with the most rainfall. We believe runners won’t be able to enjoy the event during the rainy season, and safety might be a major issue.

3. What happens to CULTRA's 5th Anniversary Celebration?

It will be carried forward to CULTRA2021.


E) **Additional Questions (updated)

1. Why don’t postpone to 2021?

There is no definite date that can be confirmed for next year. There is no timeframe given with regards to the social distancing that is currently in practiced. This is impacting on any events related to mass gathering. Other than date, there is also no clear SOP given by the authority for mass event organiser to comply.

2. Why don’t defer the registration to 2021?

This is due to cost uncertainty foresee in 2021. As for future cost involved, we believe that tighten SOP on health measure will be imposed by the authorities for any mass gathering events (i.e insurance premium, thermal scanner, etc.). Based on this assumption, we are unable to forecast any new expenditures due to this pandemic

3. Why only partial refund?

There are fixed and variable costs involved in CULTRA 2020 expenditures. Incurred costs mainly from marketing & advertisements, overhead expenses, manpower and race operations, etc. The race fees are not only cover the actual event days cost, BUT, it covers a year of work which include pre, during event and post productions on the event preparation.

4. Why don’t carry forward of 2020 entitlement to 2021?

CULTRA 2020 has obligations towards our sponsors and partners. There are terms and conditions in our agreement inter related to their branding exposure for year 2020. Hence, we are obliged to memorialise and distribute the entitlements to all participants accordingly. Apart from that, there is no guarantee that list of sponsors and partners highlighted in the event tee will be similar in year 2021.

5. Why is the medal and shirt ordered very early?

Based on the timeline, list of participants were concluded by mid of Feb 2020. Just right after that, we received advice by our external suppliers that high possibility of shipment delay due to the virus outbreak in China that can be between 2 to 4 months. To minimise this risk, we must be proactive on making the arrangements, hence all the orders and payment were made early.


F) Related Links

1. *Refund & Postal Address Update Form - COMPULSORY (click here) [*If you are using debit/credit card, you do not need to update your bank details]

2. Official Event Cancellation Statement (click here)



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