Bolt and its committee has been hosting a series of activities as part of CSR exercise with Kampung Panggen (Panggen Village), an orang asli village (indegenous people) situated in the Boh Tea Plantation which is also the u-turn point for 100KM runners.

Activities include:

  1. Charity drive

  2. Colouring contest for the children of Kampung Panggen

  3. Telematch games for all ages


We greatly appreciate any donation such as food (rice packs, sugar, biscuits, canned food, etc.), stationery (colour pencils, colouring books, activity books, alphabet/number posters, etc.), toiletries (body soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, etc.) and toys (footballs, kites, dolls, bubbles, miniature cars, etc.).


We thank you in advance for your continuous support.

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