100 KM

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100 KM GPX

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100 KM


5750 m




30 hours


3.45am - 8.45am (+1)


5 points

Special Needs Bag
Special Needs Bag service is only available for 100km and 60km Cultrarians only.
You can have your Special Needs Bags transported to the course. This is made available at a location that will soon be confirmed. Your Special Needs Bags are included in your race kit provided by the Organiser. ​ Only the official Special Needs Bag issued by designated tent near the Race Pack the Organiser are accepted. You can deposit your Special Needs Bag at a Collection area by 6:00 pm on 24th July 2020. Special Needs Bag must be tied securely and marked with your bib number using the bag tag provided. Please do not place any valuable item such as wallet, key and phone.
Drop Bag
There is a bag drop service available at the start area. You can drop your bag before your race starts. Ensure that your bag is labelled with your name and bib number. You will have to produce your running bib to collect your bag after the race.
The organiser take no responsibility for the contents of the bag, for theft or loss of item. All belonging must be collected before 11:00 am on Sunday. Any remaining items will be considered forfeited property.
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